Le Petit Bistro A blok is an international cuisine restaurant and bar with a rich selection of local and international wines and spirits. In addition to the urban setting of the prestigious A block neighborhood and the cozy gardens tucked into the greenery, the restaurant features a contemporary stylish interior with special attention to each detail.

The head of the kitchen, the young chef Nikola Djordjevic, a talented, dedicated cook who besides great love for his work, transferred to the members of your team, through unusual combinations of taste, hand-made pastas and perfect presentation of food, brings innovations and new trends in Belgrade gastronomic scene.

In addition to a rich selection of premium alcoholic beverages, local and foreign wines, top quality coffee, we are proud of the impeccable service, knowledge and kindness of our staff that are known to both regular and new guests, locals and foreigners from around the world.
In colder months when our guests stay inside, during the week we organize acoustic live music that, with gastronomic spells from our kitchen and good wines, make for an unforgettable atmosphere.
In addition to being a great choice for a morning coffee, business lunch or dinner with friends, we also organize different types of celebrations. Whether it is a family gathering, a romantic anniversary celebration or a corporate event, we are here to make a special commitment to our guests’ atmosphere.